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Experience a truely rugged wilderness adventure. 
Dogsled Trips
Have you ever wanted to drive your own dog team?  If so come on out and experience this truely northern adventure.  Learn how we care for the dogs and how we get them ready to go for a run, then you can try your hand at driving your own 3 dog team. 

After an initial training session, you will be able to help harness the dogs, and to run your own team, which involves standing on the runners, closely watching the dogs, and braking when necessary.  If there is a tangle, you need to help hold the dogs while it is straightened out.  You will be running on groomed trails. 
When you are done your run, you will need to take the dogs out of harness and we will show you how to care for the dogs and check for injuries and any health concerns.  After the dogs are taken care of, then we can go inside our heated wall tent for some hot chocolate to warm up. 

The experience usually takes about 2-3 hours.    Please dress warmly as you will be outside for the whole time, regardless of weather. 

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at a minimum ratio of 1 adult for every 1 child.

Day/Overnight Camp

Our Day Camp is perfect for those who want to experience a day in the life of a wilderness bush camp!  The day includes dogsledding, ice fishing and much more.
At the beginning of the day we drive (by snowmobile) out to our camp.  At camp there is a cozy woodstove heated wall tent, where we can go inside and warm up throughout the day.
In the tent will be an abundant supply of hot chocolate, herbal tea and "unbelievable" fish stories. 

Our visitors will have the opportunity to try many exciting activities.  First we
take you out onto the open ice where we drill some holes and drop some lines.
While we're waiting for the fish to bite we will teach the basics of dog mushing, then go for a dogsled ride or you can even try driving your own 3 dog team. 
During the course of the day we will show you how to run a functional wilderness bush camp.  You will have the opportunity to put up a canvas wall tent, get water and gather firewood.  Those wanting to stay overnight will be sleeping in this tent, so your comfort depends on your doing a good  job. 
We provide a traditional hearty lunch of caribou stew (depending on availability) and homemade bannock (a traditional northern bread), and maybe even fresh caught fish.  We also provide snacks throughout the day. 
The day begins at 10 am and ends at approximately 5 pm.  It is a long day, so please dress warmly.


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