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The 2007 Trapline Run
Objective / General Information

The DogPaddle Adventures Trapline Run is a traditional trapline style event that pays tribute to the Dene, Inuit, Explorers, Police, Missionaries, and Traders - the pioneers who opened this land by dog team.  There will be no check points, mushers must carry everything they need for the Run.  There will be no dog drops, so dogs must be hearty enough to run the entire course.  Mushers must take care of their dogs, so their dogs will take care of them.  This is a not a race!

For the 2007 season, the 3nd Annual Trapline Run will take place on February 24, 2007.  The Run will be approximately 30-50 km long.  This year's event will be expanded to three legs.  The first leg of the Run will be the Trap section.  The second leg of the Run will head out on Great Slave Lake for a GPS/navigation challenge.  The third leg of the Run will be a Gauntlet. 

The Trap section of the Run will be approximately 10km long.  At each trap, the mushers may pick up a bag weighing 15 kilograms, for a total of 150kg, which they must carry on their sled to the end of the first leg of the Run.  Each of the bags will be marked with the "trap" number.  The mushers may only pick up one bag from each "trap".  In order for the weight to be counted, the musher must pick up and carry the bags to the end of the first leg.  It is the mushers' responsibility to ensure that their dogs, sled, and gear are sturdy enough to handle the weights and conditions of the run.  Mushers are encouraged not to pick up more weight than their dogs can handle.

The second leg of the Run is a navigation/lead dog challenge.  Each musher will be given coordinates to a marker out on the ice.  There will be no trail out on the ice, to or from the various markers, so the skill of the lead dog and musher will be tested.  Each musher will travel to their own marker and retrieve the tag located there, then navigate their way to the start of the third leg of the Run.  The tag must be carried to the end of the Run.  The second leg is approximately 10km long

The third leg of the Run is the Gauntlet.  The Gauntlet is a narrow, windy, and hilly trail that will challenge both musher and dogs.  The mushers who run their dogs single file will have a definite advantage in navigating this leg of the Run.  Musher's should take it easy and remember that there are no prizes for speed.  This section of the Run will challenge the skill of the wheel dogs and the musher in control of the sled. 

As with the First Nations and other pioneers, any breed of dog is allowed.  Mushers are allowed to help each other, with the exceptions of that listed in the Rules.  Mushers may choose to travel alone or with a companion, as in the days of old.  In past years some mushers have brought their children along on the Run. 


The Trapline Run is not a race, it is a challenge.  Winners are those who successfully complete the Run.  From year to year, depending on sponsors, there may be prizes given for good sportsmanship, most traditional, most innovative, red lantern, etc.  

Trapline Run Rules

1.    Each team must consist of a maximum of one sled, 2 mushers and 6 dogs.
2.   All dogs on the team that start the run must finish the run.  Dogs cannot be added, dropped
or exchanged after the start of the run.  The dogs must be either hooked to the gangline or
carried in the sled, but they must be attached to their own sled during the entire run.   
3.   Each team must carry the required gear and all their personal gear from the start of the
run through the finish.  Mushers may not carry the  gear or sandbags of their competitors. 
4.   Receiving help from those not directly involved in this year's run is prohibited. 
5.   Snowmobiles will not be permitted on the trail.  If anyone associated with your kennel or your
team takes a snowmobile on the trail during the Run, your team will be disqualified.  In cases of
emergency, snowmobilers may request permission from Run organizers.  Spectators may
observe the Run from snowmobiles but we ask that snowmobiles refrain from using the trail
during the Run.


Breaking any of the various event rules will result in disqualification.  Abuse of dogs will result in disqualification.  Under no circumstances is DogPaddle Adventures condoning the running of an unfit dog.  If it is necessary to drop a dog then the team will be scratched from the event.  Take care of your dogs so your dogs can take care of you. 

Required Gear

Each team will be required to carry a compass or GPS, a map of the trail and a fire kit.  The fire kit must consist of, at least, matches and tinder in a waterproof container. 


Since there are no check points, personal safety is the responsibility of the mushers.  It is recommended that each team carry a radio and/or cell phone.  A first aid kit suitable for the mushers and their dogs is also recommended.  If a team does not return to the finish line a search party will be sent. 


February 24, 2007 - Trapline Run (30-50km).  Mushers should arrive around 9:00 am.
The first team will leave around 10:00 am, with successive teams leaving at five minute intervals.

Entrance Fee

There will be a $50 entrance fee for each team. 


Trapline Run - Tentatively planned to begin and end at DogPaddle Adventures


If you are interested in sponsoring this Run please contact us.

Volunteers Needed!
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Would you like to volunteer and help make the DogPaddle Adventures Trapline Run a community success? 

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist in the following ways:

- Finding sponsors
- Filling sandbags (It is much easier to do before the snow falls!)

Week before Run
- Marking the route
- Preparing trail surface

Day of the Run
- Handling dogs at start and finish
- Timing
- Judges
- "Weigh In" handlers
- Photographers

All volunteers will receive a commemorative item from the Run (neckwarmer), and will be invited to the Awards Banquet following the Run.
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Volunteers Needed!
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